MARGI is a fashion brand that was created by designer Margi Sutariya. Margi’s interest in fashion design stems from the fond memories she shares with her mother, who enjoyed dressing her up in stylish clothes as a child. However, at the time, Margi was not able to appreciate her mother’s fashionable efforts as she disliked the attention her clothes drew in public.

As she grew older, she began sketching frequently, and before she knew it, fashion took on a prominent role in her life. This led her to make an impromptu decision to leave her Economics and Finance degree to join Design School.

Four years later, she graduated with a Bachelors in Design and a strong desire to use her creative mind in the industry. Determined by her love for Sportswear and Indian traditional fashion, she identified a perfect niche market in the fashion industry for her to cater to.

Through comfortable and stylish product design, that still remains reminiscent of true Indian heritage, Margi has created a distinctive label that brings together culture and athletic functionality. Today, her brand is more than sportswear - it provides a means to connect to cultural roots and embodies powerful, beautiful women who want to feel unique.